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The System Control Centre

The purpose of the System Control Centre (SCC) is to ensure the optimal and safe management of the electrical production and transmission network round the clock. A rigorous balance between production and electricity consumption must be maintained at all times, Employees at the SCC known as systems operators constantly face changing situations. They must react quickly to find solutions to ensure the stability, reliability and security of the entire network.

The System Control Centre is located in Montréal. To manage the entire network efficiently, systems operators rely on continuously updated information on production and transmission activities. An impressive amount of data is relayed by 160 stations. Systems operators also benefit from the support of some 150 staff assigned to different tasks. SCC decisions are implemented by regional operating centres located throughout Quebec.

The cornerstone of the SCC is unquestionably the huge network screen covering 50 square metres. The screen provides a big picture view of the entire production and transmission network. Screen data is refreshed every three seconds, indicating the power produced by each generating station and voltages observed among transmission lines and in stations.