The Turbine

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Image Description
Board 1 Long shot of a house in a residential neighbourhood. Zoom in on the house.
Youth: Come on, tell me. I want to know...
Elder: Ok, ok, ok, I will!
Board 2 Two drops of water are having a discussion near the kitchen sink. One of the drops is a young girl and the other an old man. Behind them is the faucet and kitchen window.
Youth: I remember when I was downstream of the Gouin reservoir in the Saint-Maurice River. Everyone was there...
Board 3 Long shot of a river. There are drops that look scared. There are happy drops. Some are wearing bathing suits.
Elder: Billions of friends were with me and we were about to plunge into the power station. It was stressful, an unknown for some ...
Elder: I always try to reassure the young ones experiencing their first time at a power station.
Board 4 Close-up of a very young drop of water with her mother.
Little drop: Mommy. I'm scared!!!
Mommy drop: I know, but you'll see, it's just one big swirling adventure. Remember that you are renewable, so nothing can happen to you.
Board 5 Long shot of the two characters near the faucet.
Elder: I have already been through eight power stations on the Saint-Maurice and two remain: Shawinigan-2 and La Gabelle.
Elder: Listen to me carefully now...
Youth: Jump into the water!
Board 6 Close-up of the old man.
Elder: Hem, hem! Well, now we are all in the Saint-Maurice River bumping into each other...
Board 7 Long shot of the old man stuck in the river with several drops of water.
Elder: Now we are in the headrace leading to the water intake where we will descend into the penstock.
Board 8 Long shot of the two characters near the faucet.
Youth: Eh... What did you say?
Elder: What do you mean?
Youth: I don't understand what you are saying! What is the headrace? The water intake? The penstock? I have never heard those words before in my life!
Elder: I will explain everything in detail for you.
Board 9 Close-up of the old man.
Elder: There, all of a sudden...
Board 10 Pitch black darkness followed by repeated flashes and pitch black darkness. There are screams like on a roller coaster. During the flashes, we see drops of water sliding in some sort of tunnel.
Elder: Once in the penstock, we descend with strength and power... Its like being in a rocket!
Elder: There are screams and cries and everything is pitch black. At the end of the penstock we enter the turbine and...
Board 11 Long shot of the two characters near the faucet.
Youth: Ah! Oh!...
Elder: Wait a minute, I'm not finished...
Board 12 Long shot of drops of water leaving a tunnel. Beside the old man is the very young drop of water with her mother. She is delighted with her experience.
Elder: After leaving the turbine, we exit the tailrace and go back to the daily routine in the river.
Elder: With the satisfaction of having done something useful.
Board 13 Big close-up of the very young drop of water in the tunnel.
Little drop: Yoohoo !
Board 14 Long shot at the exit of the tunnel. The very young drop of water is happy, close by her mother, while the old man continues his route as he watches them.
Mommy drop: See how much fun it is? Soon we will be moving through La Gabelle power station downriver.
Elder: Harrumph! I wasn't born during the last rainstorm!
Board 15 Shot of the young drop of water facing the old man. She is in admiration of him, yet clearly showing in her face that she has understood nothing.
Youth: So thanks to us, the turbine spins... But things went by too quickly. I didn't see anything!
Board 16 Long shot of the two characters near the faucet.
Elder: Yes, things move along so quickly that we are swept along in a sea of lather!
Youth: But it was pitch black! What really happened? And what were the flashes?
Board 17 Close-up of the young drop of water near the faucet.
Elder: You're in luck! I took slides. Everything will become clear to you in the pictures.
Youth: Wow! Great! A slide show...
Elder: Hum Hum Yes Good! Hum! Everything is alright! You'll see exactly when electricity is created, and in slow motion too!
Board 18 Shot of the old man and the youth with a screen and the old man in front of the screen, creating a shadow.
Youth: Here is what happened...
Elder: Hey! I don't see anything.
Board 19 Long shot of the old man who looks ill at ease. He moves.
Elder: Oops ! Oh Oh ! Sorry...
Board 20 The old man turns around.
Elder: So, here is what happened.
Board 21 Appearance of the first slide.
Description of Slide 1: picture of the turbine seen from inside the entrance. The old man's pointer follows the narration.
Elder: See, I am here and the turbine is just ahead and it is revolving very fast.
Youth: How does it revolve?
Elder: The turbine revolves because of the power of water...
Board 22 Long shot of the old man stuck in the river with several drops of water.
Elder: other words, through the teamwork of all of the drops of water combined.
Board 23 Description of Slide 2: interior of the turbine with a high view of the generator. The old man's pointer follows the narration.
Elder: Here I am in the turbine. Above us you can see the generator. That's where electricity is created.
Board 24 Description of Slide 3: close-up of the generator and its components. The old man's pointer follows the narration.
Elder: The generator is made up of two main components: a moving part known as the rotor and a fixed part, the stator.
Elder: The rotor's outer surface is covered with electromagnets. The stator's inner surface, or cylinder wall, is made up of copper windings.
Board 25 Description of Slide 4: white flash and a shot of the rotor and stator.
Elder: When the rotor turns inside the stator, the electrons in the copper windings vibrate. Their movement generates an electric current!
Elder: So, when the electron reacts, that's when electricity is created.
Board 26 Shot of the young drop doing push-ups near the sink.
Elder: Would you mind telling me what you are doing?
Youth: Huff... Puff... Huff... I getting myself into shape... Huff... Puff... To make the turbine rotate!
Board 27 Close-up of the old man looking startled.
Board 28 Zoom out from long shot of the house. We hear a pin drop.
Youth: Ha ! I just saw another flash! It must be another drop of water that caused an electron to move...
Elder: Noooo! It was just a mosquito that got caught in an electric trap.
Youth: I see!