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Image Description
Board 1 Long shot slightly downward towards a house in a residential neighbourhood. Zoom in on the house. Cross-fade towards Shot 2.
Youth: Hey! How you doing? You look pretty happy...
Elder: I just got a postcard!
Youth: Oh really? Who from?
Board 2 Two drops of water are having a discussion near the kitchen sink. One of the drops is a young girl and the other an old man. Behind them is the faucet and kitchen window.
Elder: My nephew. Right now he's upstream from the Shawinigan power plant.
Youth: What's he doing up there? Is he on vacation?
Elder: No, not at all! He's there to make electricity.
Youth: Wow! That's pretty cool!
Board 3 Close-up of the old man's hands.
Elder: Yes it is!... I'm so happy that my hands are sweating! He he!
Board 4 Long shot of the two characters.
Youth: But how is electricity made?
Elder: Sounds like you've never been to a power plant...
Youth: No, never. Do you need a power plant to make electricity?
Elder: To make hydroelectricity, yes, absolutely!
Board 5 Close-up of the youth.
Youth: So you have already "produced" hydroelectricity?
Board 6 The old man shows photos of himself near two power stations when he was younger.
Elder: Yes, several times!
Board 7 Close up of the photo where we see the old man, when he was younger, near the Shawinigan power station.
Elder: Among other things, in Shawinigan...
Board 8 Close up of the photo where we see the old man, when he was younger, near the James Bay power station.
Elder: ...and at James Bay.
Board 9 The young drop is increasingly admiring and the old drop proud.
Youth: What was it like?
Elder: It's amazing! Stunning too... And very fulfilling!
Board 10 The young drop approaches the map, trying to read it.
Youth: What did you nephew say in the postcard?
Elder: He said he would be passing by the power station at 5 p.m. sharp today. Hey! It's almost time now!
Board 11 Shot of the two drops of water with their backs to the screen, looking at kitchen light in the background.
Elder: Look at the light: it is on.
Board 12 The young drop looks perplexed and slow on the uptake.
Youth: Yeeeessss...
Board 13 Close-up of the old man.
Elder: At 5 p.m. sharp, my nephew will be at the power station and we'll be able to check out what he created.
Board 14 Shot of the two drops of water with their backs to the screen, looking at the kitchen light in the background. We hear a drum roll.
Elder: Observe the light closely... 5
Board 15 Big close-up of the eyes of the young drop of water.
Elder: 4, 3
Board 16 Shot of the light that is turned on. Nothing special is happening.
Elder: 2, 1 !
Board 17 Shot of the old man with a tear on his cheek as he wipes his face.
Elder: Ooooh ! It's my nephew!
Board 18 Close-up of the young drop looking even more perplexed.
Youth: Sorry, but... eh... I didn't see ANYTHING. It's not really very clear... like...
Elder: ...crystal clear water.
Board 19 Long shot of the two characters and superimpression of the number associated with the speed of light. 299 792 458 m/s
Elder: It's normal that you don't find it clear: electricity travels at the speed of light... meaning at a speed of 299 792 458 m/s.
Youth: Do you mean that the light is on because your nephew is in the power station, now, at this very moment?
Board 20 Double image of a power station and the light near the sink.
Elder: Exactly! The electricity produced at this very moment is the same electricity that we are using right now.
Youth: That's incredible! I'm amazed!
Board 21 Close-up of the young drop of water.
Youth: But there's something I don't understand: how can you have already produced hydroelectricity? What did you do to gain access?
Board 22 Long shot of the two characters.
Elder: Well, it's because we are renewable. You know, water travels in a natural cycle... forever!
Board 23 Shot showing the path followed by the old man, as if in a dream. We see him in a cloud.
Elder: The proof is that not so long ago, I was in a cloud in the sky over Western Canada.
Board 24 We see him in the rain. He is holding an umbrella.
Elder: Then I fell as rain on the city of Shawinigan...
Board 25 A drop of water holding an umbrella falls into a sewer. The umbrella remains wedged.
Board 26 He travels in a pipe.
Elder: ...and ended up in a pipe and was swirled around and around...
Elder: ... I continued on like that for a long time, my dear...
Board 27 Close-up of the old man at the edge of the sink.
Elder: Tomorrow, I may evaporate, condense and find myself in a river. Who knows? Water renews itself perpetually.
Board 28 Shot of the two characters near the sink.
Youth: Wow! That's really awesome! Do you think that I can do that too one day?
Elder: Of course! That's the water cycle.
Board 29 Outdoor shot of the house. We move away from the house slowly and things fade to black.
Youth: And you don't have to have sea legs?
Elder: No, you don't... but you do have to know how to swim!
Youth: I see...